EQ Bank – Make Bank

By the end of the campaign period, banking signups increased +41% vs. the pre-campaign period. Regions supported by the awareness campaign saw increased signups by +34% – resulting in a Net +15pt increase overall.

Co-operators (Home and Auto)

Launched ‘Digital Quote Tool’ with 13K net new leads in 2 months with a multi-channel campaign and data cleansing.


Epitaph reduces subscription CPA by 6% through integrating internal analytics with media platform data & streamlining attribution analysis. 


Award winning campaign with thousands of pieces of organic audio & visual content from one billboard – all to be amplified over social media channels.

Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone

Through new to market swipe up to text tech from Snapchat, conversations increased 350% during the campaign generating 1,500 interactions.

Away Travel

The approach resulted in a +32% uplift in sales vs. forecasted, and an overall -77% decrease in CPA over the course of the campaign – turning Canada into the most profitable market for AWAY Travel.