We believe in —

Good Growth,

The media company you deserve

We worked at the big media agencies.

We had big jobs with big titles based on making big profits, often at the cost of clients and co-workers.

We wondered “what if…?”

What if decisions were based on what’s right for the client, not the media agency?

What if a group of talented media people had the time and space to think, collaborate, and deliver growth to their clients, every-day?

What if clients and co-workers loved their work, their work experience and the people they work with?

In fact, what if they loved it so much they’d be proud to write it as their epitaph?

And so, we quit. And Epitaph was born. 

The media agency for those who deserve better.

Like you.


For our clients and people, we create meaningful and continuous growth, more than any other media company in Canada.

What we do differently

Growth Strategies

Simple to say, but it requires a team of experienced and thoughtful experts to deliver Good Growth, Every-day. Our strategic process, Catalyst for Change, uses part data and part human lens to deliver growth for our future focused clients.

Full Funnel Activation

Our content and delivery capability spans all mass and digital media; delivering on connected experiences across all channels. We don’t deliver the lazy CPM buy. We are precise, creative and ready to respond.

Data & Technology

Machines with no human oversight are dangerous. We deliberately choose to have a people powered technology stack. We design audience segments, deliver multi-variant creative and execute real time optimization across the journey.

Our Clients

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