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Our Philiosophy

The best experiences in life are shared.

We had big jobs with big titles based on making big profits, often at the cost of clients and co-workers. We wondered “what if…?”. What if decisions were based on what’s right for the client, not the media agency? What if a group of talented media people had the time and space to think, collaborate and deliver growth to their clients, every-day? What if clients and co-workers loved their work experience and the people they work with?

In fact, what if they loved it so much they’d be proud to write it as their epitaph? And so, we quit.  And Epitaph was born. The media agency for those who deserve better.  Like you.

Our Team

A dedicated team of integrated specialists

Mike Rumble

Founder and CSO

Heidi Krause


Emily Clarey

Head of Marketing Strategy

Mike De'Oliveira

Head of Digital Platforms and Data

Jordan Lauper

Head of Planning and Strategy

Megan Sullivan

Integrated Planning Group Director

Dave Fernandes

Integrated Planning Director

Effie Ambida

Director, Integrated Planning

Jacky Hubbard

Strategy Director

Meg Mitchell

Integrated Planning Director

Tim Sarrazin

Integrated Planning Director

Maja Vieira

Media Investment Director

Adamo Calafati

Digital Performance Director

Meghan Lingard

Digital Performance Manager

Kevin Yuen

Paid Search Manager

Jesse Woodruff

Digital Performance Manager

Karan Kapoor

Integrated Planning Manager

Tamara Iacobucci

Integrated Planning Manager

Teryn Clapp

Senior Integrated Planning Specialist

Federico Londono

Senior Finance Systems Administrator

Tomo Stojic

Digital Performance Specialist

Jiaqi Wang

Digital Performance Specialist

Christine Rajkumar

Integrated Planning Specialist

Riaz ur Rehman Saleem

Integrated Planning Specialist

Karla Maeda

Media Budget Coordinator

Guneet Wadera

Media Finance Coordinator

Mariia Myroshnychenko

Digital Performance Coordinator

Nathan Sennema

Data and Analytics Coordinator

Julia Vizel

Integrated Planning Coordinator

Mariia Hryshko

Integrated Planning Coordinator

Nicole Merza

Integrated Planning Coordinator
Team member of Epitaph sitting and typing on laptop

Current Opportunities

Join the Epitaph team!

Please send your resume to if you are interested in joining our team.